The iPad Pro 2021: Features And Possible Release Date Leaked

What We Can Expect In Spring 2021 Product Release Event

Ghani Mengal
Jan 12 · 3 min read
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Apple Insider

According to reports from Japan, the next update of the iPad Pro is foreseeable. As in the previous year, the changes could be quite sparse, but there should be one big innovation.

The iPad Pro 2020 didn’t knock us off our feet, apart from the LIDAR sensor, it was almost identical to its predecessor. Rumors have been circulating about the successor model for months, and after the turn of the year, these are becoming more and more specific.

According to the iMore and famous Japanese website Macotakara, which is devoted to all topics related to Apple, the fifth-generation iPad Pro will be presented in March. Macotakara refers to sources not mentioned further. The Japanese colleagues do not give an exact date, the last iPad Pro was presented on March 18, 2020.

Apparently, the New iPad release will also be in spring 2021.

Changes In Display

The biggest changes will probably take place on the display. Experts and leakers have long suspected that Apple will replace LC displays with mini LED displays. This is intended to improve both the image quality and energy efficiency.

According to Macotakara, this will make the iPad Pro an insignificant 0.5 millimetres thicker. Since this change in dimensions is only found in the larger 12.9-inch model, the Japanese assume that mini-LEDs will only be installed in the larger model, while the 11-inch version will still be delivered with an LC display.

Other Changes Might Be

Apple would install the A13 in the new generation as in the iPhone 11 and finally give the device 4 GB of RAM. The Touch-ID remains, the LIDAR scanner will be expected to be missing, apparently, Apple will make the frames a little smaller on the new device, the display should grow to 10.5 inches (26.67 cm), the current iPad has arrived at 10.2 inches (25.91 cm) screen diagonal. The ninth generation of the iPad receives 64 GB of storage as an entry-level size, the current 32 GB is no longer up to date. Lightning as an interface remains unknown whether Apple will deliver a power supply with the new generation. Reported by iMore.

iMore notes that the news about a new iPad in the spring must make you rather skeptical because the eighth generation of the iPad has only been on the market since September. But it is not the first time that Apple has updated its iPads rather irregularly. The iPad Mini 3 was on the market for “only” one year, but its predecessor and successor for more than three years.

There is no better prediction than waiting for what is coming. As these two trusted sources are pointing to all the above features on the expected date, but there might be something more or less in the actual product.

I prefer waiting rather than gossiping about a new product. If you agree with these sources and you think the new iPad will be released in spring 2021, it’s good for you. But at the time we are protecting a tech giant. The company better knows what changes they are about to bring and on which date they are going to release it.

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