Top 10 Must-Have Apple Apps — September 2023

Apps to Elevate Your Health, Enhance Your Mac, AR for Your Car, and More!

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September is great for two reasons: departure from the summer weather and upgrade to the newest iOS from Apple. I’m eager to update all my Apple devices to the public release of their operating system.

In this edition of monthly apps for your Apple devices, you’ll find some fantastic apps to help you:

  • 🖋 Write journals to observe and improve your life.
  • 📻 Find and listen to thousands of radio stations across the world.
  • 📸 Elevate your photography with a beautiful professional app.
  • 💫 Make your Mac’s notch actually useful with an intuitive utility.
  • 👟 Encourage yourself to exercise more using photos of your shoes.
  • 🎧 Use Spatial Audio on your AirPods to listen to white noise.
  • 🍅 Limit the time you spend on your iPhone with Pomodoro.
  • 🧴 Find out if your skincare products are actually good for you.
  • 📱 Play your music in an app that looks like the music app on iPhone 4.
  • 🚗 Try new rims on your car using augmented reality.

1. Everlog Journal

Image obtained from developer’s website.

Every single person on this green planet has a story to tell. Each has a lovely life worthy of sharing with their loved ones, and journaling is a great way to do that and more.

Everlog is one of the closest things to having a minimal journaling experience, making it unique due to its uncluttered view, the focus on journaling and nothing more.

It’s designed to help you focus on writing and automatically add entry data. Its text editor can format your text with different styles. You can also add images, which makes Everlog a more powerful journaling app.

🎉 Top Merits: Auto addition of my location on a journal entry makes writing seamless. Moreover, the app offers a daily goal of 100 words (which is customisable)…



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