What Apple need to do with the iPad Pro

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak iPad!

Rugare Maruzani
Jan 23 · 4 min read
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

I believe Apple have turned the iPad into the device it was always meant to be. I actually think they managed this with the iPad Pro 2018 which got the sleek new design, powerful processor, and the release of iPadOS. Apple Pencil 2nd Generation was a wonderful edition to the ecosystem, as was the Magic Keyboard with the floating design and trackpad. The LiDaR Sensor on the iPad Pro 2020 model felt to me like Apple were at a loss as to what else to add to the phenomenal iPad Pro 2018. Very few apps utilise that sensor in any meaningful way, and it seems like it was designed to shine on iPhone instead of the massive iPads. The only reason I got the iPad Pro 2020 was because all the iPad Pro 2018s were sold out as everyone realised what a great deal they were. So, I think Apple have reached peak iPad, this is as good as they always imagined for the iPad. But of cause, we are talking about technology here, things keep moving at a relentless pace regardless. With that said, here are some meaningful additions to iPad Pro that I think Apple should add to upcoming models of the iPad Pro.

Super Retina OLED Display

Some iMacs have Apple’s Nano-Texture glass — Photo by T. Q. on Unsplash

If Apple want to blow us away with a new iPad Pro though, here is a wild suggestion — give us the option to have nano-texture glass on the iPad Pro. If you are not aware of Apple’s nano-texture glass displays, they first made an appearance on the pricy Pro Display XDR, then again as an option on some iMacs. It basically reduces the reflectivity of the display. I want it on an iPad Pro because of Apple Pencil. I love Apple Pencil, the only complaint I have is that writing on the slippery glass on the iPad is sometimes tricky. Of cause, I’ve never tried writing on a nano-texture glass display with an Apple Pencil, but it seems like it would be a far more natural feel than writing on glossy glass. The nano-texture glass comes at the expense of text clarity, so I think this should be just an option for those who want it.

In-display Touch ID

iPad OS needs to stand alone

Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash

The only other improvements to the iPad Pro I would love to see involve the operating system. iPad OS still seems to be iOS with a few tweaks here and there to make it usable on iPad. Some obvious features are somehow missing, which is frustrating. Why can’t I add widgets to the home screen like I can on iPhone? Also, where’s the App Draw on the iPad? To get past frustrations like this, I think it is time iPad OS became its own operating system, separate from iOS. This way, iPadOS can grow and evolve at its own pace. This development pace has to be faster than iOS which is a more mature OS as iPhone has been around for much longer.


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