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You’re Underutilizing ‘Hot Corners’ (Hacks Nobody Told You Before!)

Ever configured Hot Corners via Terminal? Here’s why you should do it.

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17 min readMar 2, 2024


Hot Corners is such an underrated feature of macOS. Why do I say so?

  • Some people know it exists, but almost never used it.
  • Some people don’t even know it exists.
    (Except that they may know swiping towards the bottom-right corner would open a Quick Note, by default)

It enables you to launch one of the 10 predefined actions by swiping your pointer towards any of the four corners of your Mac’s screen.

These are the 10 predefined actions:

• Mission Control • Application Windows • Desktop • Notification Centre • Launchpad • Quick Note • Start Screen Saver • Disable Screen Saver • Put Display to Sleep • Lock Screen
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(‘ ’is for No Action.)

You can configure Hot Corners to your preference in System Settings ⚙️ < Desktop & Dock 🖥️ < Hot Corners.

(Isn’t it too deep into Settings?
Right. So you may wanna use
this Shortcut that takes you directly to that page. It uses the URL:



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