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United States: The Inevitable Empire

How the US made the most of their unique geographical potential

0. The North American Core

1. Dominate the Greater Mississippi Basin

2. Eliminate All Land-Based Threats to the Greater Mississippi Basin

  1. Story of how the US defused the Canadian threat by outgrowing them and isolating them from Britain
  2. Story of how the US absorbed Texas to build a buffer against any threat towards New Orleans and the Greater Mississippi Basin
  3. Story of how the US outgrew and overpowered Mexico, crushed the militarily, and imposed an easily enforceable border based on the Chihuahua Desert.

3. Control the Ocean Approaches to North America

4. Control the World’s Oceans

  • The formation of NATO in 1949 placed all of the world’s surviving naval assets under American strategic direction.
  • The inclusion of the United Kingdom, Italy, Iceland and Norway in NATO granted the United States the basing rights it needed to utterly dominate the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean — the two bodies of water that would be required for any theoretical European resurgence. The one meaningful European attempt to challenge the new reality — the Anglo-French Sinai campaign of 1956 — cemented the downfall of the European navies. Both London and Paris discovered that they now lacked the power to hold naval policies independent of Washington.
  • The seizure of Japan’s Pacific empire granted the Americans basing access in the Pacific, sufficient to allow complete American naval dominance of the north and central portions of that ocean.
  • A formal alliance with Australia and New Zealand extended American naval hegemony to the southern Pacific in 1951.
  • A 1952 security treaty placed a rehabilitated Japan — and its navy — firmly under the American security umbrella.

5. Prevent any Potential Challengers from Rising



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