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Chris DuCrest
Mar 5 · 3 min read

Casually Mad. Those two words are the sum of our ambitions and our main mission. To us, it’s a motto that demonstrates our belief that casual people can achieve mad things.

How did Madbox get its start in making and self publishing its own games? Our company’s origin story actually began with two different gaming studios in Paris. Each shared the same dream of being a complete in-house studio, creating the best possible environment to create games in and making millions play with us. By chance and most probably the alignment of the planets, the founders of each met. After a 4 hour coffee break at Lizard Café that was supposed to only last 1 hour, the ‘Promance’ was born. This was the start of the professional romance between two teams that would end with choosing a new company name and coming together under Madbox.

In 2018, Chou Entertainment and MadJoh joined with excitement for what was still to come in the future.

Here you will see the team of people at Madbox Paris gathered for a group photo. Bright with smiles and wearing Madbox branded clothing, they’re ready to great mad things. Picture taken in 2019.
A talented crew with a very Mad ambition — 2019

Madbox started its next chapter after creating our first hit games that were done with a bit of luck, a mix of talent and a whole lot of passion. Driving our game creation to reach the next level, our team scaled up to 70+. Now, with offices located in both Paris and Barcelona, we’ve created over 200 games with more to come!

Dressed in their Madbox branded red hoodies, the team at Madbox Barcelona take a group photo, with this being the first time many have met during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Madbox Barcelona ready to game with millions — 2021

Developing and self-publishing mobile games comes with many unique challenges. So, how do we continuously manage those challenges? We focus on creating the best possible environment to create games.

  • Through what we call ‘Thoughtfully Candid’, we strive to create a culture where feedback is freely given and with a positive intention.
  • Nurturing and protecting an environment of transparency and trust that puts ownership in the hands of each Madboxer. Every aspect about the company is open to them so that they can make the best decisions in their role, autonomously.
  • High level of talent that is both ambitious and ready to achieve mad things.

But, that doesn’t mean by creating this environment that we are guaranteed success. It’s key to acknowledge and understand that failure is essential to learning. This doesn’t exclude us from making mistakes with games that ultimately didn’t match with players but also for us as a growing company that continues to evolve as we challenge ourselves.

Our journey has only just begun for 2021 and the story of our future is written by casual people with mad ambitions. We’re currently looking for passionate talent who have a deep love for all things gaming and who don’t mind innovating in their own way. Are you an artist? Then check out this sweet career option at our Barcelona studio for a Senior 3D Game Artist. Maybe you find a thrill in leading teams and trail blazing success? If so, we might have just the thing for you with our QA Lead position. We’ve also got tons of other exciting roles open on our career site!

So, whether you’re looking to take on what’s next in mobile gaming or you would like to share your thoughts with us, drop a few comments! We’re always excited to hear from others.

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Casually Mad game developers on a Mad Mission to game with the world!


Formed through a shared vision from 2 different game studios, Madbox was founded in 2018 with the belief that casual people can achieve mad things.

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Video games junkie that has been in the gaming industry for over a decade.


Formed through a shared vision from 2 different game studios, Madbox was founded in 2018 with the belief that casual people can achieve mad things.