The Spinning Top

Molly Sonsteng
Oct 1, 2019 · 2 min read

My fascination with spinning tops began when I was sharing an ice cream with my family at a little shop in Ireland. As we were leaving, the shop owner handed me a simple wooden spinning top with the name of the shop painted on top. It was his version of a business card… but cooler. I dropped it in my backpack and pulled it out whenever I was a little bored or had an itch to look at my phone.

Some version of a spinning top has remained in my backpack ever since. It’s a simple toy that almost everyone knows how to use. It’s the original fidget spinner. I use one to break the ice during meetings, at dinner with friends, or when I’m feeling stuck in my work and need a short break.

Spinning top carved circa 1300BC and discovered in the tomb of King Tut

Humans have been fascinated with spinning tops globally and since the beginning of time. They are one of the oldest man made toys found by archaeologists around the world.

Tops create beautiful moments of magic that seem to defy gravity. The rules of physics dictate that a well spun top would remain in motion if not for the energy lost to friction against the surface on which it spins.

We chose a spinning top as the logo for Madcap Factory because of what it represents: elegance, simplicity, precision, ease, joy. This is exactly how we see our work.

We create seamless, joyful, elegant experiences for individuals and groups who want a little more adventure in their lives. The next time you spin a top, remember its magnificent simplicity and I dare you not to smile.

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Madcap Factory

Molly Sonsteng

Written by

Madcap Factory

Madcap Factory is an amusingly eccentric production house that designs, builds, launches, and manages live event series and playful experiences to help brands to engage their communities.

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