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Access Your Mobile Password Vaults at any Time, Even While Offline

Buttercup for Mobile has a new feature on the way: Offline Vault access. This update brings a very important accessibility feature to the platform that should benefit everyone using a mobile device.

Storing passwords in a vault isn’t just about security, it’s about accessibility. Your vault should follow you everywhere so that your services are secure, and accessible when you need them.

Until now, Buttercup vaults have only been supported in remote environments on mobile devices — The Buttercup app makes network requests to fetch the vault before unlocking it. Nothing was stored on the device, so if Internet access was lost for whatever reason, there’d be no access until connectivity were restored.

Seeing as Buttercup vaults are encrypted and secure, storing them on the mobile device in application-memory is a great way to cache user vaults. Buttercup for Mobile 1.5.0 adds vault caching — when a vault is unlocked, its encrypted contents are cached securely within the app. If at a later stage the user attempts to unlock their vault, and there isn’t an Internet connection, the vault can still be unlocked using the cached offline content.

Buttercup will prompt users to unlock their vaults in offline mode when available.

When a vault is unlocked using offline content, it isn’t possible to make changes to it. Vaults are complex structures and merging can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Merge support for offline vaults may be added at a later stage, but users can at least still access their vaults offline, albeit in read-only mode.

Read-Only mode is activated when unlocking vaults from offline caches.

The offline caches are configured when you unlock your vaults whilst online, so remember to unlock your vaults at least once when you get version 1.5.0.

Whether you’re travelling or sitting on the metro in a tunnel, you’ll now always be able to access your Buttercup vault to get at the information you need.



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