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Effective Communication via Terminology — A Slight Change in Buttercup’s Language and a new Slogan!

Buttercup certainly started life as a password manager — It’s goal was to fill in the many gaps that we felt existed in the password management landscape. We’ve noticed, while building the platform, just how much more Buttercup could be.. beyond just a password manager. Not to take away from the importance or challenge of creating such a piece of software — but passwords aren’t obviously the only piece of information worth protecting (nor are they the only type of item people will store in Buttercup).

We feel that some of our terminology has become a bit limiting, in terms of how we market ourselves. That’s why we’re changing some key terms, such as “archive”. An archive, in our minds, was a collection of information.. but the connotation behind the word isn’t positive in our opinions. It also isn’t clear what its purpose is, or why you’d want one. We’ve decided to use the term vault instead of “archive”, as it better explains its purpose. Vaults are typically used to secure items of importance, while still hinting at the storage aspect. This is definitely not a new term in the industry, but we feel that it is a smarter fit for Buttercup in general.

Another term that has definitely warranted revision in our minds is “entry”. Entries in Buttercup hold critical information for a single item. While “entry” is generic enough to hold any kind of data, it also (like “archive”) doesn’t describe to someone why they’d need or want such a thing. Entries and Archives sound like dated office lingo and don’t do the Buttercup platform justice. This is why we’re substituting “Entry” with “Secret”. Obviously the term secret is somewhat more generic, with regards to what it actually is, but it does portray better the importance of the item. Buttercup is about vaults with secrets stored securely within them. Secrets should be freeform (and will be in a future release), allowing the user to store their secret information. Hopefully this will mean that less explanation is necessary in terms of the absolute purpose of Buttercup.

“Groups”, for now, will remain as-is. We’ll be in touch with our helpful open-source translators for assistance regarding the transition.

We also came up with a snappy new slogan for Buttercup:

“Well-Kept Secrets”



Free, accessible, cross-platform vault for security enthusiasts. Manage your private data easily on every device. https://buttercup.pw

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Free, accessible, cross-platform password manager for everyone. Manage your secrets easily on every device — never be locked out. https://buttercup.pw