Building New Public Transport Habits in Vietnam with GoDee

GoDee is a start-up project that offers booking seats on a bus online. It re-invents public mobility by building a new and smarter way of a daily commute. Bus transportation by GoDee is more convenient than motorbikes common for Southeast Asia and cheaper than a taxi. The app-based system allows users to find an appropriate route, select the time, book the seat, and pay for the ride online. GoDee is a reliable way to commute in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city. Shuttle buses ride along the express routes linking the major districts and popular destinations of the city. It helps users to save their time, money, and planet due to less ecological impact.

Transportation has become an issue to Vietnam’s largest cities due to its rapid growth. To address the need for regular commute not to be overly expensive and less stressful than a motorbike ride, GoDee’s founders decided to make buses smarter and more user-friendly. Motorbikes are fast and affordable but not always convenient to ‘white collars’ going to the office in suits even on rainy days. Taxi commuters are safer and more comfortable but less popular as they cost much higher. GoDee tackled this by converting traditional bus transportation into a modern service offering a cozy and predictable ride that is just one click away. This exciting project was going to improve people’s daily life and reduce environmental pollution, so we at Mad Devs were glad to step in and work on the internals of GoDee.

Vietnams' road with drivers in rain
Vietnams' road with drivers in rain

When the founders of GoDee turned to Mad Devs for technical assistance, the developers of our company already had years of experience in logistics & transportation projects. Namba Taxi is the most widely used taxi service in Kyrgyzstan developed by Mad Devs, and our team is still improving and maintaining it. Six other taxi companies have decided on the Namba Taxi software since the launch of our first taxi service.

Mad Devs started to consult GoDee at the early stage of this project assisting with the choice of the technology stack and step-by-step planning. Then a number of our positively mad developers started to work on the GoDee’s smart urban bus management system as a team.

GoDee mobile app
GoDee mobile app

Mobile App Development

The only way for users to book transportation is online booking via the mobile app. Among our project implementation, we developed the backend and frontend of the mobile application for both drivers and users. For Android we used Kotlin and for IOS we used Swift.

Online Payment Service Integration

To enable users to pay for the bus with a mobile app, we integrated it with a local payment gateway supporting popular payment options.

Online Time-Tables & Live Location Tracking

To ensure that the GoDee app is easy to use, we created the system that tracks bus locations in real-time so the user could book a seat there. For getting accurate and «pure» data from GPS-receivers, we implemented our Mad Location Manager. More about Mad Location Manager you could find the link below:

Technical Support Service for GoDee

Mad Devs are still improving GoDee, developing new features and components based on user's feedback. We provide technical support to GoDee’s customers which helps resolve all issues instantly and have a direct line with the system’s users

“Being a user of the product we have developed is key for the successful collaboration with GoDee as our valued customer. For us ‘dogfooding’ is a way to improve our product from both technical and UX prospective. Coming to Vietnam to battle-test GoDee and work closely with local commuters was the right choice. It brought us a number of insights that will hopefully lead us to outstanding results”
© Oleg Puzanov, co-founder of Mad Devs

Go Dee’s 12x User Base Growth

We at Mad Devs are obsessed with the idea of making our projects awesome and well-polished. Customers turn to us in search of a flexible and competent partner, and we proved to be the one. With GoDee we were facing the challenge of changing people’s habits. To help our customer grow their user base, we needed to create something extremely helpful and handy. Something that creates an alternative for expensive taxis and inconvenient motorbikes, remaining predictable, affordable, and ‘green’ by design. The number of those who choose GoDee buses has increased 12x since the launch date and is still growing. GoDee has become a recognizable new player in Vietnam’s transportation market. The rise of GoDee resulted in a clear interest from investors which could take the project to the next level. Mad Devs team is happy to have contributed to the success of GoDee.

Mad Devs Services.
Mad Devs Services.

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Mad Devs — блог об IT

Mad Devs is a Cambridge-headquartered IT company developing enterprise-level software solutions for finance, transportation & logistics, security, edtech, and advertising industries. For more information about us, please browse our website:

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Mad Devs — блог об IT

Mad Devs is a Cambridge-headquartered IT company developing enterprise-level software solutions for finance, transportation & logistics, security, edtech, and advertising industries. For more information about us, please browse our website:

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