ActionAid: All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat

A Christmas album sung by goats, in the name of charity.

Didrik Persson
Dec 27, 2015 · 4 min read

Role: Creative and Producer of video.


Charity organisation ActionAid wanted to sell more poverty-fighting goats. Goats that would help people in need. So we decided to piggyback on the popularity of the goat and it’s characteristic, humanlike, scream to make a christmas album. “All I want For Christmas Is A Goat” became a viral smash-hit that increased the amount of goats sold by 41%.

“Who would have ever thought that screaming goats could help save the world?”

And 500+ more

In depth

The goat is great at fighting poverty

The charity organisation ActionAid was one of the first to start a gift shop and the poverty-fighting goat was one of their first products. As years passed the goat became a cornerstone of the organisation and was declared an ActionAid-hero. The goat was especially popular during Christmas, offering a tangible way for people to buy charity as a gift for their loved ones.

However as other organisations followed, the goat struggled to get attention. The goats previous primetime – Christmas – had became the toughest time to break through the noise. So we knew we needed to do something new and different to solve the problem.

With a low budget we took on the challenge of making the goat 2015’s most wished for christmas gift.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to YouTube “Goats screaming like humans”

Surprisingly, the goat had gained a huge following online; with photos of goats climbing trees, goat-simulator and goat remixes flooding the internet. We knew that this never ending trend could be used to our advantage.

Aside from the goats sudden popularity we knew that a recognizable Christmas treat is it’s music and the non-stop cover albums being released.

So we thought, what if we mix the goat and it’s wonderful voice with the christmas classics we love so much?

“All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat” Cover art

“All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat” on Spotify

A Christmas album sung entirely by goats. Featuring all you’re favorite classics such as “Jingle Bells” and “Silent night”.

The eight track album “All I Want For Christmas Is A Goat” had it’s own traditionally themed commercial and was available on all major music services such as Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

The commerical
The artist turning to the camera in slowmotion


The result exceeded all our expectations. The campaign went viral and was featured in radio all over the world, shown on TV in the US, Sweden and Japan. HuffingtonPost called the campaign “The best marketing stunt ever”.

Three of the songs made it to the “50 Viral in Sweden”-list on Spotify and “Silent Night (Goat Edition)” stayed in 1st place until Christmas Eve. The album reached top 5 on the most sold albums on Amazon and the videos gained more then 2,5 million views in less than three weeks.

Most importantly ActionAid sold 41% more goats and the poverty-fighting goat got the attention it deserved.


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Thoughts and articles about the projects I do.