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Didrik Persson
Sep 1, 2014 · 3 min read

My role: Co-founder & CEO.


Meeting new people is though, especially if you’re new to the city. That’s why we made CANU, an app for getting together. My first Start-up journey was an exciting one.

In depth

The story of CANU begins in november 2012. Me and a few Hyper Island classmates encountered the same problem; getting together with the locals in Stockholm. The solution seemed obvious; an app for casual activities.

Two weeks later we presented our first mock-up to a board of investors. The response was good and we had our appetite whetted. Six months of discussions, team building, designing and coding passed and we we’re finally ready to launch our first version to the App Store.

The CANU team

Hello Appstore
The early version was far from perfect, but it worked and we we’re able to gather feedback from the crowd. During the following year we used that feedback to improve the product and build the brand meanwhile doing our studies at Hyper Island.

A happy developer had his first app on AppStore.

Handling interns while being interns.
In november 2013 we all began our internship and chose to continue working with CANU. A week after joined a french designer and a french iOS developer that moved to Sweden to intern together with us. A company of five people became my internship and I’ve grateful for all the stuggles.

In march 2014 we launched the 2.0 with a new design, new illustrations and a lifestyle blog to motivate people to get together more in the offline world.

The end of CANU
Two years after we set out to change the way people got together, we realized that our way was not the way. CANU was dependent on a vast amount of users and we never reached critical mass. So we decided to stop and move onto other projects. CANU has thought me many things; how fun it can be when you create something that people actually like but also how difficult it can be. The process is so rewarding and you do so many fun things that it’s beyond worth it.

The last video we made.


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    Thoughts and articles about the projects I do.