I’m not a refugee.

You fought for safety, now we will help you fight for a job.

My role: Co-Creator & Creative.


We wanted to do something to help the people that have been forced to run from their homes, leave friends and family behind in pursuit to make it better for everyone. We realized that these people get stripped of who they are, stripped of their identity and labeled as refugees. We wanted to give them their identity back so that they can build a life worth living.

Because after all they are not refugees. They are designers, teachers, artists, engineers, musicians. Well… professionals.

In depth

The refugee crisis in Europe is massive, millions of people have to run from their homes. These people, often highly educated, arrive to Europe with hopes of a new, brighter future. But for many their hopes are crushed, instead of a better life they are stripped of their identity, labeled as refugees and called out as the cause to all problems. It’s not fair, it’s not logical and it’s not how it’s suppose to be. So we decided to do something.

These people arrive to Europe with dreams of a new, brighter future. But instead they are stripped of their identity and called out as the cause to all problems.

The people who arrive to Europe is in need of support and guidance. We realized that maybe the core of the problem is that we, us included, tend to refer to these people as a faceless group of people – refugees. This makes it difficult to relate to them and we get a false perception of that we are different, when in reality we are so much alike.

We wanted to give these people their identity back. Give them names, faces and dreams of the future.
www.Iamnotarefugee.org was also available in arabic

A website where we let people reclaim their identity by sharing a photo, their profession and a piece of their story. Anyone could contact them if they had an opportunity or help to offer. The project quickly became a tool for refugees and a powerful statement for everyone else.

Yara Said and a piece of her story


The initiative was well received and after the first few applicants arrived we started spreading their stories on Facebook. The stories of people reclaiming their identity from all over the world reached thousands of people who helped spread their stories further. But more importantly introductions has been made and a few people have gotten their identity back.