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Helping parents talk to their kids about their life online.

Didrik Persson

Role: Creative and Video producer.


As part of Telenor’s long term CSR project for a safer internet, we launched “Nätprat”, Swedish for “The Internet Talk”. A set of tools aimed to help and inspire parents to talk to their children about what’s going on online. Nätprat proved that Telenor took their responsibility and helped parents all around Sweden. See more at Nä

Nätprat inspired parents, schools and competitors to act on the issues of online bullying. Empowering families to solve the issues on their own.

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In depth

As reports showed that victims of online bullying are steadily increasing, our mission was to change the online climate amongst kids. We realized that kids rarely discuss online matters with their parents. Although parents talk with their kids about their day at school, they seldom ask about what’s happening online, or even know what, Snapchat or Kik is.

So we created the following tools to help parents talk to their kids about their life online.

#Nätpratkorten a set of cards to help parents talk to their kids about the internet


We found that when parents want to talk with their kids about the internet, they have a tough time knowing what to ask. That’s why we created a deck of cards to help them get started.

The physical cards.


We also found that some partens don’t dare to ask because they think they’ll look stupid asking the wrong questions. So to help parents figure out their blank-spots we created a quiz that tested their knowledge of internet related things that kids take for granted.

Demonstration of the quiz.


Telenor has tech-support, but what about the softer values? We created Nätpratsjouren - A support for parents who had questions about how to handle situations related to their kids life on the internet.

The four experts in the support.

The campaign had a successful launch and generated news articles in broad media, including features on all the major tv-networks. The first campaign was so successful that Telenor decided to make it a bigger campaign stretching for weeks with ads on TV.

The TV-spot for Swedish television.


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Thoughts and articles about the projects I do.