A physical christmas calendar that makes you friendlier & helps stop ebola.

Role: Co-Creator and Creative.


When I moved to Stockholm I noticed a difference in how strangers on the street treated one another. Simple gestures like holding the door open, saying hello and smiling when you look at someone – were missing. It was especially noticeable during Christmas. That’s why I paired up with illustrator Nikki Schmidt to make a christmas calendar that encouraged Swedish people to do something nice every day until Christmas. We called it Snällkalendern (The Kindness Calendar).

Snällkalendern became a tangible product for something we can’t see - friendliness. It helped Plan Sverige fight Ebola and made thousands of people do nice things to each other.

In depth

When I had just moved to Stockholm and one day around Christmas found myself in the Stockholm subway. I observed the people around me and I noticed a lack of friendly gestures. No smiling faces, no opening doors and certainly no “hello”. I’m not saying people need to talk a lot. But a simple acknowledgement for one another is not much to ask.

I wondered if there was anything I could do to help people remember how easy it is to be nice to each other.

It’s easy to forget how little it takes to make someone else’s day a lot better. Me and Nikki figured that we could use a classical format – the Christmas calendar. We replaced all those pieces of chocolate with small friendly tasks to do each day.

A calendar with friendly tasks acts as a physical reminder of how simple it is to be nice to one another.
Snällkalendern (The Kindness Calendar)

A Christmas calendar with 24 friendly tasks for it’s owner to complete. We call it Snällkalendern.

Each day the task requires more engagement, it starts out easy with “Smile at everyone you meet” and continues to “Call someone elder in your life”.

All profits went to Plan Sverige
The calendar was sold online and all the profits went directly to charity organization Plan Sverige and helped fund their fight against Ebola.

Class 4B chose to have both calendars


The calendar was received with open arms and it was featured on both Swedish TV and several times on Radio. A lot of schools around the country made it part of their daily routine. People proudly spread their kindness on Social Media creating a wave of kindness.

Last but not least Snällkalendern generated money that helped Plan Sverige stop Ebola.
The Calendar created a lot of friendly gestures