Social Planes

Because we don’t always need a phone.

My Role: Co-Creator, Creative and Producer of video.


During a weekend me and a few friends wanted to get people thinking about how social media effect how we communicate with new people. So we decided to make use of the familiarity in paper airplanes and borrowed a bit of design from four major social medias to create the “Social Planes”. Equipped with tons of planes and nice things to say we started throwing them at happily surprised people in the park.

The initiative sparked a discussion in the media it questioned and was covered by several major media outlets. See the result here.
The 4 designs that anyone could download and print themselves
And a bunch of blogs around the world

In depth

Today we’re staring at our phones more than anything else. Social media has made us more social online but less social offline. It’s almost as if sometimes we forget that we don’t need a phone to communicate.

It’s almost as if sometimes we forget that we don’t always need a phone to communicate.

Me and many in my generation have fun memories of making paper airplanes, using them mostly to piss off friends. The planes are such a simple and fun way of communicating. This made them the perfect tool to get our message across.

Many have fun memories of throwing paper airplanes, mostly at their friends.

We created four types of planes designed after four of the major social networks. Each plane-design had it’s own message.

Facebook › We are not friends on Facebook. I just wanted to say…
Snapchat › I don’t have your Snapchat. I just wanted to give you this drawing.
WhatsApp › I don’t have your number, U hyst wanted to say…
Twitter › I don’t follow you on Twitter. I just wanted to say…

Underneath the message we left a white area for the thrower to write their message. The planes were downloadable from the site so that anyone could print their own and help spread the message.

Tutorial of how to fold the plane
The planes spread friendly messages


The quick initiative got great response, both on the street and online. The new, social paper airplanes quickly spread and sparked a conversation on the very platform they were criticizing. People started making their own designs using for example the Tinder-design. The project became an honorable nominee at The Webby Awards.

But most importantly people started printing their own planes and started spreading the message.
Shows made their own and talked about Social Planes
The conversation continued on Instagram
Honorable nominee in Social