7-Eleven: Songs With Pride

Three unique songs to celebrate those who fight to make the world a more open place.

My Role: Creative and in charge of video.


The Pride movement has come a long way. But there’s still a long way to go, there’s still people who need to fight for their right to love whomever they please.

That’s why we, when 7-Eleven wanted to make something more out of their Pride-sponsorship, decided to celebrate those who fight to make the world a more open place. Three up-and-coming artists each wrote and produced a song based on the story of a local LGBTQ-hero. We called them “Songs with Pride”. The songs premiered at the opening of the Stockholm Pride festival.

Songs with Pride made sure that the unheard HBTQ-heroes got the attention they deserved.

In depth

Joshua and Pell Uno at the Pride festival

7-Eleven had been the main sponsor of Stockholm Pride for a couple of years and wanted to make something more out their sponsorship. They wanted to prove that they stood by their brand promise to be open for anyone.

7-Eleven wanted to prove that they stood by their brand promise to be open to everyone.

In Sweden we’ve come far in the fight for a open-minded society. But we’re not done. In the smaller cities in Sweden the prejudice is still going strong. Luckily there’s heroes there that fight to make their town understand, these heroes are seldomly heard and celebrated. It’s often the loudest heroes that get the attention.

How could 7-Eleven make sure that the local heroes got the attention they deserved?

Three unique songs based on the lives of three LGBTQ-heroes. The songs premiered at the grand opening of Pride 2015 and were made available on Spotify.

The heroes stories were spread through ads on the radio, print ads and became an installation
in the Pride-park, making sure people heard them.


Songs with Pride enabled the heroes to get their stories heard and got the chance to inspire others to do the same by several TV-appearances, and features in all the major Swedish newspapers. The songs has today been played over 300'000 times and the videos of the meetings has 
over 250'000 views.

Songs with Pride continues to inspire listeners to fight for a more open world.
The stories spread through Social Media
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