A Year in Review

I know we’re in week two of 2017, however, this is a post I’ve been planning to write for the past few weeks and just haven’t had the time with all that’s been happening around here. Either way, here it goes:

At Made By Munsters, 2016 was perhaps the biggest year in the company’s history. We had the chance to grow our team, increase the number of projects we’ve worked on, and take on some new partnerships which have been extremely worthwhile. We’ve also had the chance to build our own product to help our team’s workflow, and hope it can help other teams too.

Our Team

Back in March, we added a new full-stack developer to our team, Josh Hamilton. After rounds of interviews, we lucked into getting someone as talented as Josh. He’s been a huge addition to the team, bringing a wealth of knowledge from both a backend and frontend perspective. He’ll be celebrating a year with us soon, which we’re excited he’s part of our team.

In December, we brought in Melvin Graham to head up our business development. With the four of us prior to Melvin joining spending the majority of our time working on client projects, we needed someone who could focus solely on finding new partners and clients, and working on facilitating those relationships going into this year.

We plan to continue growing (and already have), but not to stretch ourselves too far and too quickly. We value each member’s contribution to our team, and want to ensure they’re taken care of.

Internal Product: Roundup

Weekly Roundup

We built and launched Roundup, our missing communication tool. Roundup collects data from various project management sources and relays these updates to our clients via email and Slack once a week.

If you’d like to read more about it, check out our blog post.

External Partnerships

We continued to work with several of the companies we had been working with in 2015, but 2016 brought in a new group that provided us with some amazing challenges to solve, and not to mention, were quite fun in producing.


We’ve been working with Schlep since the last quarter of 2015, and continued to lead its design and development. In 2016, we redesigned the entire platform and launched a mobile application for both iOS and Android for some of its users.

Internet Brands

Having worked with Internet Brands for the past three years and with High Gear Media for two prior to that, we led a redesign of its main product in 2016 — The Car Connection. While the redesign is still in progress, the majority of the site’s new refresh has been implemented and in place currently.


As former journalists and sports enthusiasts, it’s always been a dream of mine and Kurt’s to work with ESPN. In 2016, we got that opportunity. Working with the editorial design team, we helped develop mini-applications and other long-form journalism pieces. It all started with the “Build a Dream Team” for the Rio Olympics, and has spiraled into many other amazing projects, such as:

These are just a few of the ones we completed. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with ESPN in 2017, and hope to be able to showcase much more work we do with them.

Venues & Vows

Venues & Vows is a startup based in Austin, Texas. We began working with its team near the end of 2016 to help introduce new features to its robust platform.

So, what’s next?

That’s a great question! As I briefly mentioned earlier, we’ve already been growing our team in 2017. We recently hired a new UX/UI designer, Kira Elkins, and a frontend development intern, Caitlyn Zahn. In addition, we’re always looking to partner with any company in need of UX/UI design or full-stack development services. If you’re interested and like what you see above, please contact us.