Josh Hamilton
Jul 1, 2016 · 2 min read

Ruby Remote Conf Recap

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Recently our team of developers attended Ruby Remote Conf, an online conference that brings together the top developers in the Ruby community for an online, three day conference.

This years conference had some great talks covering a gauntlet of topics, such as, static analysis tricks and SOLID design principles. It also featured several soft talks that covered surviving the framework hype cycle, and increasing inclusion / participation within teams, communities, and open source projects.

Remote Ruby Conf brings the learning experience of attending a conference and the comfort of working from home into a perfect balance. All of the talks were recorded and can be viewed at your leisure, which meant even if you have to duck out for a small bit, it was easy enough to pick back up where you left off.

Conference Highlights

Some highlights from this years conference included an informative talk by @noelrap who explained how companies such as Stripe, Braintree and Paypal have made it easy for anyone to add payments to a site. He discussed how payments are not an easy thing to get right, but showed that there are libraries that can abstract the difficult parts of handling currency without having rounding issues.

In addition, @jmmastey covered Postel’s Law and discussed how we should be a little kinder to the consumers of our code. You can view a post he wrote about his talk on Medium titled Ruby and Postel’s Law.

A remote conference can be a great way to approach learning while still having a work / life balance. If you haven’t attended one yet this is a great year to do it.

All Remote Confs has links to a remote conf for each month of the year and covers topics such as robots, angular, react and nosql.

Shameless plug

Need a remote conference to attend? Checkout Newbie Conf. I will be giving a talk about being a remote junior developer and dealing with the highs and lows of working remotely so early in my development career.

If you have time, and I know you do, checkout a remote conference, it is an experience all on its own.

Josh Hamilton

Josh is a passionate developer. His knack for problem solving is only succeeded by his love for learning. He spends his off hours soaking up new open source projects. He currently lives in Tulsa with his wife, Jessica.

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