Launch of the Made For Voice Podcast

Lee Mallon
Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Today is an exciting day as the launch of the Made For Voice Podcast, you can listen to a short intro episode where I explain why I have started the Podcast.

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Have a listen :)

Below is the transcription of the intro episode if you just fancy just reading it 😊

Welcome to the Made For Voice podcast. I am your host Lee Mallon, and this is the first episode of the voice podcast. Will kick into interviews next week and hear some amazing stories of what’s happening in the voice space across the world, but I wanted to give you some context as to why I feel this podcast is needed and why you should listen.

If you’re listening to this, I assume you’re aware of Alexa, Siri, Google Home or Cortana. The voice platforms that are dominating our homes, our kitchens and our mobile devices the platforms that have pushed voice into the mainstream.

But what’s next?

For me, this started about two years ago, like many people an Alexa arrived our house and we were excited. Okay. I was the one that was excited. We’d set it up with music and were playing with kitchen timers and asking it facts. We even bought some Philips Hue light bulbs because as we all know getting up from the sofa to turn the light on and off is too much hard work, but after a couple of weeks the adults in the house lost interest we’d still use it.

But we’d Retreat back to just using it for music or for timers and not really explore the different skills and things it could do. But we found is that the kids were still using it. They were asking it more complicated queries and speaking to it more. But more importantly, they were doing it even though it was getting things wrong.

They just kept asking, and then I speak to friends who also had children and had gotten Alexa. And the same thing applied the kids were using it more and more and even hear stories of how kids were getting into the car and saying car take me home or they’d be walking up to the TV and say Netflix play Go Jetters, and this is when the light bulb moment went off.

This was when I realised that voice, and conversational experiences is what the next generations Mobile Revolution will be. They’re not even going to question if voice should be the way to interact with technology if they call customer service, they’ll expect it is a bot and to be honest, they won’t even care as long as they think they want done is completed.

So taking this into account and kind of spent some time as a resource to look into where voice was at where we actually there or was there a lot of hype around these devices and smart speakers. And what I found out is the technology was, voice recognition rates were comparable to human error rates.

The problem was that the education wasn’t there. There were millions of these devices spread across the world in people’s homes, but people weren’t aware of what you could do with them. So this is why Made For Voice exists, a place to share the amazing stories of the voice community from startups to enterprise from developers to designers to linguistic experts to data scientists to researchers.

Anyone who’s building amazing things in voice? Let’s share their story and inspire others for this Voice First revolution that is coming.

Subscribe via or your favorite podcasting app, and I’ll see you next week.

Made For Voice

Is voice the next UI?

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