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Slush 2019 is here!

It is called Slush, but is pronounced innovation at an unthinkable level. Slush Helsinki has become the meeting point per excellence and Made in Möbile, as an innovation agency, had have to be there.

The ecosystem waits you in Slush 2019 (Source: Slush)

The effort is the basis of success and in 2017 we created an ‘innovation agenda’ to make the most of this unprecedented event.

Thanks to our relations with Finland, we organize specific agendas adapted to the needs of our clients. Thus we promote the growth and internationalization of a wide network of partners and start-ups with the seventh most innovative country in the world, according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index and the third, according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (2018), leading the area of ​​integration of digital technology.

From that moment, the whole team understood that it was necessary to strengthen — even more — ties with the main actor in the world of innovation. And I say even more, because Helsinki, with just over half a million inhabitants, welcomed us with open arms when we landed there. But this issue will take us to another post to explain how this beautiful friendship with the north arises

Opening session in Slush 2018 (Source: Made in Möbile)

But how can a non-profit event organized by students cause so much expectation? This essential event in Finland brings together more than 25,000 people every year: about 4,000 start-ups, about 2,000 investors and hundreds of journalists and media.

Last year, more than 10,000 1:1 meetings were held between investors and start-ups. In addition, startups raised more than 200 billion dollars * (according to Slush data)

Launched more than a decade ago by the same values, edition after edition, (curiosity, vision of the future and humility), Slush is firmly committed to sustainability in the organization of the event and throughout the year.

The entrepreneurial spirit is breathed in every square meter of the enclosure where meetings between start-ups and investors take place and where the most coveted speakers of the international scene become your mentors.

Meet with investors while drinking a coffee! (Source: Made in Möbile)

This year, John Collison, president and co-founder of Stripe, Oscar Pierre, CEO and co-founder of Glovo or Linda Höglund, partner of Luminar Ventures, will attend.

In the last edition Daniel Ek, Spotify founder, Julia Hartz, CEO and co-founder of Eventbrite or Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition, among others, were there.

But this does not end here. The Slush movement has spread to cities like New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris or Berlin where the Small Talks take place, specific talks that connect the most relevant actors in the industry.

The chosen days are November 21 and 22. In Made in Möbile we’ve marked it in red in our calendars a long time ago and most importantly, we are already preparing the next ‘innovation agenda’.

If you are an investor or start-up and want to participate in one of the most important hubs in the innovation sector, do not hesitate and write to us.

See you in Slush!



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