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Overt Fracas About A Covert War

Does Pakistan secretly authorise and publicly oppose CIA’s lethal drone strikes in FATA?

Here’s Why Everybody’s Not a Hero

Being a hero comes at a price, which is way too exorbitant for most of us to rationalize

Breaking Bad…

Some thoughts on Heisenberg, the legend. 

Warning: This post may contain spoilers!

“When we do what we do for good reasons…

Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala? 

Everyone has an opinion. 

I never thought watching The Daily Show would leave me misty-eyed… Nor did I think Jon…

Building Waze for Pakistan

Why a non-venture backed startup failed

Not to long ago I was on the phone with a good friend and co-conspirator of mine — we were…

To Plan9 with love!

This is a personal account of my experience at working for the Pakistan’s largest tech incubator, Plan9.

Why Girls Education is not about politics.

16 year old Malala faces backlash at home.

Malala is a 16 years old Pakistani girl from Swat. She was shot in the…

Humans, Shoes and eCommerce

This is the story of building my startup in Pakistan, now going global.

Made in Pakistan
Made in Pakistan

All about Pakistan

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