Top Brand Designs from the Budding World of Weed

Jeanne Fourie
Feb 27, 2019 · 4 min read
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Cannabis — hailed by many as the herb of miracles. With its wide range of applications from medicinal, to practical and recreational, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of countries across the globe are opening their borders and amending their laws to accommodate the rapidly growing market and demand for Weed-based products.

While this magical plant’s reputation has historically been marred by stigma and negative connotations, a new wave of creatives are stepping up to the plate to change the game in luxury Cannabis products — proving once again the power to influence perception of carefully considered conceptual branding.

Here is a selection of our current favourite Cannabis-inspired brands:

Not Pot CBD Gummies

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These cannabis infused gummy bears won’t get you high. Not Pot has hit the nail on the head with some beautifully designed packaging and brand collateral for their CBD gummies. The design walks the line between the pharmaceutical nature of the product, and the groovy design aesthetic of the summer of love.

Check out their beautifully irreverent website at

Weedo Cannabis Club

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An eye-catching identity for a “cannabis sympathisers club” in Brazil. Weedo intends to offer a subscription service where its community receive information and paraphernalia for the recreational use of weed products.

Canna Chocolade

A conceptual brand for a company that produces milk chocolate made with cannabutter — we love the idea of various strains presented as flavours, each yielding unique effects on the consumer’s mood.

Willie’s Reserve

Celebrating the legacy of Willie Nelson, the musician’s love of cannabis and the culture surrounding it — Willie’s Reserve boasts a trailblazing line of marijuana products. We especially love the classic design and 2-level emboss of the High Five pack, taking a leaf out of the books of vintage tobacco tins.


Botany is an innovative storage container designed to serve one main function — to provide a child-proof and climate-controlled storage solution for consumable cannabis products.


A conceptual brand for a range of luxury cannabis-infused skincare products. We love the use of colour, and how the design treatment translates to a three-dimensional shape through the design of the packaging.

48North Cannabis Corp.

48North is a bold, female-led company that is rethinking the landscape of Cannabis in Canada. Their repertoire includes an innovative range of next-generation products, a large-scale, low-cost, sun-grown 100-acre outdoor organic farm and Latitude — a publication created with the intent to celebrate the stories of women who use the plant in their journey towards health and wellness by bringing to life the deeply personal experiences that reflect 48North’s unique philosophy and visionary approach.

Check out their website, or see some of the branding applications over on Behance.

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