Integrated team

To quickly form a product team to pursue a roadmap can be difficult for any company. Awkward can provide support in the form of an integrated team. A full product team available when needed for an indefinite period, with the advantage of only using the disciplines you require. An integrated team helps you keep the focus where it belongs: your product.

There are some specific and subtle differences between “normal” client work and working as an integrated team.


A project that can benefit from an integrated team is usually bigger in size. It is possible the project will need continuous work like maintenance, support or enhancements. Contracts for a longer or indefinite period are not unusual in these cases.


A huge part of being integrated, is the availability of the team. Our employees are often dedicated in a full-time position. If this is not desired, then flexibility is of the essence. We strive to be available when our clients need us.


We expect the combined team between agency and client to communicate differently in an integrated team. Close cooperation must be established and communication must be done in a direct and clear manner. In addition, transparency and respect are two important keywords.

It is our job to bring two teams together and make them form one streamlined team. Currently, we are privileged to be part of an integrated team together with Sketch and together with WeTransfer.