What it is like to work at Awkward

Creating products is a challenging but rewarding experience. It is an experience that we can hardly imagine without our team; an assembly of carefully selected people. Talented professionals that share a passion for product creation, who help us reach better end results. They form our workplace.

Awkward has devoted years to create a thoughtful culture in a positive, relaxed and honest workplace. This culture originated from our company values and input from the team. We constantly try to improve the workplace to create a pleasant and healthy working environment for everyone.

We want Awkward to be an environment where people can grow as individuals. An environment where there is space to discover and to try out new things. We encourage our team to find new challenges to learn from, both on a personal and company level.

The open office environment breaks down communication barriers. It is easy to have quick conversations with colleagues. Our clients can also often be found at the workplace. It is important that we are able to speak directly with each other to make our projects run as smooth as possible.

But Awkward goes beyond the walls of our office. We try to create a team dynamic that goes beyond being colleagues. Friday afternoon drinks, concerts, movie nights, parties, gaming weekends, dinners, company trips etc. It is important that our personnel feels comfortable with the rest of their team. We spend a lot of time together and we try to make it a good time, but we also respect everyones work-life balance.

If you are looking for a new workplace, then you are welcome to apply for one of our open positions. Visit our careers page for more information.