A Streamer’s Guide to Setting Up Twitch & Discord Graphics

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6 min readJun 21, 2023


Amplify your style and theme across your Twitch channel and Discord Server by providing a more eye-catching and interactive stream experience that sets you apart from other creators, streamers, and gamers with creative, custom, and unique graphics, animations, and more.

This ultimate set-up guide for Twitch Streamers and Discord Creators explores important Twitch and Discord graphics to set up personalize your channel, artist attribution, and features recommendations and discounts for graphics and content creation tools ranging from free and DIY to professional and fully custom.

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TWITCH GRAPHICS | Getting Started

Twitch live-streaming platform empowers streamers and content creators to customize their brand through custom graphics, themes, and rewards for viewers, subscribers, and followers. Custom emotes, channel points, subscriber badges, bit badges, and more can be managed through the Creator Dashboard. Here’s a list of helpful Twitch Guides and instructions to start leveling up your channel’s look and feel.

Twitch Subscriber & Bit Badges

Twitch Emotes: Animated & Standard