How Machine Learning is Changing Digital Marketing: Real World Applications

Thomas Ragger
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5 min readJul 21, 2022

The use of machine learning in advertising and marketing is becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason — it has amazing potential to help improve workflows, generate ideas and find completely new ways of doing things. But with all the talk about machine learning algorithms and their capabilities, it can be tough to know how to actually put them into practice.

We will explore different methods and approaches that you can use to incorporate machine learning into your next campaign or product launch. So whether you are just getting started with machine learning or you are looking for more creative ways to use it, this article is for you!

Visual Explorations & Art Direction

What if you had a clear idea for the art direction of a new campaign in mind, but words might evoke different pictures in various individuals and you just can’t come up with any good visual references? Dall-E and Midjourney can help you create a moodboard of custom-made samples to help you realize your vision.

How It Works

Let’s imagine we want to create concept art or a moodboard re-imagining how the city of the future might look like. This can prove to be quite the challenge given that we have specific conceptions from our individual experiences, art we like or sci fi movies we have seen.

How about we ask Midjourney and Dall-E?

We could use a prompt such as:

City of the future, big trees, cinematic, futuristic opera house, graphic novel, details, digital art, landscape

This might quickly lead to visually impressive, unexpected results

We can then go on and play around, create variations and modify the results at the click of a button. How about a slightly more urban environment, and let’s change the light setting to sunset:

We’re from Austria and as everybody in Austria, we love Gustav Klimt. I wonder how he would have expressed the future of life in the city.

Midjourney & Dall-E Generations imagining the city of the future in the style of Gustav Klimt

These visual explorations weren’t created in a matter of days or weeks, but in a matter of minutes, using simple natural language prompts by someone who almost definitely does not have any artistic talent. We’re excited how this field might evolve in Branding, UX/UI & Interface Design and Typography.

Supercharging Content Generation

Great content is at the heart of everything we do. But not everyone who has something to say is a good copywriter or knows how to optimise their words for search engines or readability. Machine learning has brought incredible solutions to the field of written content in a way thats scalable.

How It Works

Let’s imagine you have a client in E-Commerce who wants to launch a suite of new products. They need copywriting for a wide array of use cases: Product Detail Pages, Amazon Storefront, Social Ads and more. What if you could just generate all of this using a simple description of your product — Adhering to copy writing guidelines, text lengths and best practices without having to think about it.

A generator for SEO optimised product descriptions based on a few simple input properties using

By the way: Machine Learning is not only good at writing new copy, it can also rewrite existing copy to make it more readable, concise and search engine optimized.

Hyper Personalised Visuals

Your new campaign is built around a beautiful key visual. Now you want to scale the campaign globally — but certain symbols or visual properties are seen in a different context or are less relevant in one of the markets. Or you want to adapt properties of the visual in a way that closer matches your individual target audience. Dall-E can recreate parts of an image based on your descriptive input or create variations of it.

How It Works

Let’s say we want to modify an existing illustration to contain a flock of birds to better communicate our idea. We can create a wide array of variations of this in seconds. All we do is delete the top half of the image and ask for a variation of “Sky With Birds”

Original generation created by Gui Seiz — Variations generated with DALL-E 2

Have Some Fun!

As with every new technology, you will learn as you play around with it. So sign up to Midjourney, Dall-E and Jasper now and have some fun. I for once would love to see more illustrations of sad / dancing whippets out there

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate machine learning into your next marketing campaign and see the amazing results for yourself! Do you have a use case for using machine learning in marketing and advertising? Just let us know — we are excited to talk about your ideas and help you to realize them!

Wild is a design & technology studio — We strive to innovate the digital design process and love challenging ourselves by constantly trying out new tools & concepts, stay tuned.