Get Project Insights With Koji Analytics

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Jul 5 · 2 min read

You’ve published your project on, now it is time to learn about how people are using it.

There are a few different ways in which you can find your app analytics on Koji.

1. Use the Google Analytics Plugin

You can easily integrate your own Google Analytics into your app. In your Koji Project, go to Advanced>Tools>Plugins and click to enable the Google Analytics Plugin.

Then click Configure and input your own tracking ID.

2. Check The WithKoji App Stats Email

When you publish a project, you will begin to receive a daily stats email. This gives you some important info regarding interactions (Views, Likes, Comments)on

3. Access Analytics Within Your Project

You can find some additional information (localization, usage over time, etc.) about your Project by viewing analytics from within your project.

In your Koji Project, go to Advanced>Tools>Analytics to view.

View your analytics today on Koji!


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