How A Professional Yo-Yo’er Built, Launched, and Made It #1 on Product Hunt in Less Than 24 Hours

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2 min readApr 18, 2019


The top app on @ProductHunt this morning was created in 23 minutes.

Product Hunt Most Popular 4/18/2019 at 6:18am

Fajar Siddiq signed up for the Koji Open Beta yesterday, customized a Match Three game to feature some of his favorite makers and products, created a hype video, and shipped it:

As of writing, SuperMakers has 222 upvotes and 61 comments on Product Hunt.

23 minutes is not an exaggeration — here’s their journey from signing up on @madewithkoji to launching a game, as told by Discord screenshots:

Koji projects are started from templates. Templates are modern, standards-based web apps created by the community. You have access to all the code, as well as no-code interfaces for visual configuration.

View of the Koji Editor
Visual Customization Controls

No one should have to start from scratch if all they want to do is customize a casual game.

They shouldn’t have to think about writing boilerplate and configuration when all they really want is their own version of Candy Crush, but with different images and sounds.

They certainly shouldn’t have to learn all about containers, deployment, DevOps, AZs, security groups, etc. They just want to share their creativity with the world.

Fajar Siddiq had an idea for a game and was able to take it from conception to release in under an hour. This is crazy. The game they created is entertaining, creative, and relevant to their community.

When you dramatically reduce the friction required to create, all kinds of new people start to make all kinds of amazing things.


Look at what Youtube did to video production. Hollywood never would have produced unboxing videos, or video game streaming. These things only happen when creation is democratized.

Let’s do the same thing for apps and games.

Koji is an amazing platform that allows people to build & launch applications at LUDICROUS SPEED.

Try making your own match-3 game in 5 minutes!