Be the master of your verse

Alvaro Serrano

Because being the master of your verse makes you the master of your universe. What do we have, if we do not have communication?

I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity. ~Rudyard Kipling

I have a friend, she is a master of the spoken word. My friend can wound to the core, wail a death blow to your mind and spirit in short order with only her words. She can also revoke, repair or rejuvenate just as easily.

I, on the contrary, cannot. My spoken words come slowly and are carefully chosen. I prefer the written word, I feel more free to express in authored form. It’s here I can create intricacies that speak volumes without uttering a syllable. Abstract ideas can be synthesized, the synthesized become succinct all through the use of words. It’s magical.

Style. The difference comes down to style and the binary way available to communicate. Spoken or written.

What makes one form better than the other? Nothing other than the ends justifying the means.

Personality, rationale, comfort, effectiveness, or plain and simple belief. Either way, all communication is left to interpretations.

It’s one quality separating humans from the animal kingdom, our innate ability to communicate. Of course, animals communicate but they are limited, unable to express complex ideas.

Know that it is your nature to communicate and do it well, not only expressing complex ideas but choosing the means.

What’s my point?

Master your verse. Communication is an obvious essential regardless of the form you feel most comfortable using.

However, I must deduct, like me and my friend, you have a preferred means of communication. A way you feel in greater command and most effective.

So, pick a way, identify your ability and most trusted means. Make it your reliable method. Make it your preferred mode of delivery and use it to your advantage.

If you prefer written, does that mean you can stop speaking? No, but you can certainly work toward limiting the requirement. If you prefer spoken does that mean you can stop writing? Not always, however, you can certainly pick up the phone instead of pushing the reply button.

As the master of your uni‘verse’, you can take legitimate concrete steps to do your communicating however you choose. You create your world. Think about it.

Everything is a choice. It’s up to you to find a way to be the most effective you, you can be. What do we have, if we do not have communication?

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