Everyday is an unadulterated choice

Joshua Ness
The negative parts of life will die a natural death if we practice the habit of being disinterested in them.

What do you vow to?

When you sit down to a meal does your mantra repeat, “Wish I could eat healthier and lose weight {gee, I’m fat}.” Or, “The food I eat perfectly nourishes my mind and body.”

A vow is a pledge of commitment.

What are you vowing to with this one? “It’s so damn hard to get ahead in life.” Sounds like a vow of poverty or desperation to me. Every time you repeat it you are pledging your unadulterated commitment to it’s existence.

Anybody out there make a daily vow to how much they dislike going to work? Or, perhaps, the people they spend a lot of time with or worse still, the person they see staring back at them in the mirror.

Spring is a time of renewal. Let us renew our vows.

You will always see what you are always thinking.

But how?

So I got two ways to jump into spring with springiness and a fresh method for the daily vows we make.

First, how about cleansing. We cleanse our exterior often, for most people it’s daily. Taking a shower or bath keeps the body fresh and healthy.

Yet, when do we cleanse inside? Its just as important. Cleanse the mind of whatever is keeping you committed to something ugly. Examine every vow. Are you pledging the most pure? Are you pledging to the highest expression of yourself, a vow of beauty?

Second, I’ve nicknamed this step the 180.

Like walking down the aisle and realizing the true commitment standing before you. Stop in your tracks and about face, do the 180. Be very careful to what you make your commitment. If you don’t like it try committing to the opposite.

I’m not preaching, I’m sharing. My vows are a daily struggle for me and for virtually everyone I know. I’m not demanding either, I’m only trying to inspire you into forward movement. Sometimes, the180, is the best way to progress.

Personally I had a restless night, because of some changes coming for me. Seems I was doing a fair amount of worrying which led to tossing and turning. I decided on a 180 and told myself, “Your mind is at ease, and calm. Let go of the anxiety it serves no purpose.”

Everyday is an unadulterated choice of thoughts and habits, turn a blind eye to the ugly but stare beauty square in the face. Now, there’s a vow I’ll renew over and over.

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