For Kim

Annie Spratt
Illuminate the way with intelligence.

There are billions of cells in the human body. Each one has a job. Each one knows the job assigned. Some help us digest. Some help us process thoughts. Some help us see and hear and some help us feel. Others help us heal.

All of our cells are wondrous and mighty. The ones that help us heal make up a system for immunity.

Picture your immune cells like an army. Picture them marching together straight into battle, fighting for the body’s health. They have a commander. They are commanded by a greater intelligence than we can ever dream to perceive. It’s not our doctors or TV or medicine, it is the intelligent Spirit that permeates all life.

This army of cells is responsible for mending broken bones, rooting out infections, turning bloody wounds into soft pink skin again. They do it with ease.

We don’t have to do anything except know the cells are doing their job. Picture that army battling all your ailments. That’s what they are designed to do. It’s their one and only job, they have no other task. They may be microscopic but they are intelligent and powerful.

Next, picture the ones you love. Use your beautiful, peaceful, loving mind and picture yourself in the stands cheering on your precious boy as he makes the winning tackle in the 4th quarter of a senior college game. Picture him kissing your cheek before leaving for his honeymoon. Picture yourself rocking his first born and smelling the sweet little head as it rests on your chest.

Go back to that army of cells. They are doing their job. They are making you healthy and whole. Close your eyes and let all the intelligence of the universe create exactly what you envision.

Remove any thought of insufficiencies. There are none. Pull your mind away from ills and see only vitality.

Use this affirmation, if you do over and over your conditions will meet your beliefs.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

Know it is a statement of fact. Believe it with all you are.

We are the sum total of our thoughts. Every time you are inclined to let your thoughts rest on the negative replace it with the affirmation. Never repeat the words, “I am sick.” Never repeat the words, “I have this disease or that.” Replace those words with, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

Then imagine your immune cells doing their job and your future as bright because:

You are whole,
you are perfect,
you are strong,
you are powerful,
you are loving,
you are harmonious,
and you are happy.

That’s the way I see you.

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