The corner of Limbo St. and Anguish Way

I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell — you see, I have friends in both places. ~Mark Twain

You know Mr. Twain isn’t talking about real places, right? Heaven and hell.

They are states of mind and they are right here with us on Earth, eating at our kitchen table, soaping up in the shower, buckled in behind the wheel.

Ever look at someone and think to yourself, “Man, that guy lives in a constant hell?” His thoughts dwell on his rotten life, his rotten day, the rotten hand he’s been dealt.

The opposite can be true, everyone knows people who’ve claimed a righteous existence of their own accord. It’s called harmony and it shows. Things just go right for these people.

Heaven or hell? No, not places to land in the afterlife but states of being in this wonderful, beautiful, batty reality we wake up to find ourselves among every morning.

Where do you stake your claim? At the corner of Limbo St. and Anguish Way or on Paradise Ave. You choose your address and you are free to pack up and choose your destination.

Heaven or hell? It’s up to you.

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