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Nov 17, 2020 · 2 min read
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New features highlighted

In the latest release, that took place on Friday, 13th of November, we have added a lot of new functionality oriented on improving UX and especially DevX. The following changes have been included:

  • Integrated Tezos Domains. Now you can see the domain name associated with your account as well as send tezand FA1.2 tokens to other domain names. It currently works on both Carthage and Delphi testnets.
  • Added Delphi protocol support along with the new Delphi testnet network.
  • The improved process of adding tokens. Now to get balances, Thanos will not look up the storage, but rather use a lambda-view contract. That’s implemented with the new Taquito lambda-view functionality. Also, added experimental support for contract metadata parsing: tzip16 and several other legacy formats that we were able to find.
  • Added Ledger support for Firefox.
  • Added legacy Managed contracts(KT addresses) support. New Tab in Import Account page. It works as a separate Thanos account.
  • Incoming token transfers are now shown in the “Operation History” view.
  • Internationalization. Language selection in new “General” settings. Currently only English is available. Other languages are in the process of translation.
  • Popup mode. Now you can disable Popup mode in General settings in case you prefer using full-screen to pop-up mode.

Install Thanos Wallet

You can install the extension using the following link:


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