Creating Cohesive Brand Experiences: How To Align Your Retail & TV Media Strategy

Rebecca Lerner
Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Today’s frantic retail market is full of bright shiny objects vying for attention. To stand out, a cohesive brand experience is essential. In fact, 60% of millennials expect a consistent experience from brands, whether online or in-store. And companies understand this, with 87% of retailers acknowledging and understanding that an omnichannel strategy is crucial.

Companies that invest in omnichannel customer engagement retain 89% percent of their customers on average. But even though advertisers recognize the importance, many still struggle to create a holistic brand experience. And the same study shows those that haven’t retain a mere 33% of their customers.

OTT has undoubtedly emerged as an essential part of the future marketing mix, with OTT ad revenues expected to exceed $23 billion by 2023. So, how can brands ensure a cohesive brand experience, specifically as it pertains to aligning retail and TV advertising strategies?

Cross-Platform Campaigns, Culminating With OTT

When it comes to a cohesive brand experience, it’s essential to think about how creative themes and ad campaigns can be applied across TV and digital platforms. But it doesn’t stop there. Brands must also take into account how their creative is being leveraged cohesively across different platforms in order to drive ROI by capitalizing on the benefits of each channel. With OTT bringing digital targeting capabilities to the TV screen, it’s a prime additional touchpoint for advertisers with a 72% ad recall rate.

OTT enables advertisers to curate ad experiences for consumers, to highlight local promotions, products, and more. This can be especially powerful for driving brick-and-mortar businesses. Geographically-driven campaigns help brands and retailers drive foot traffic while providing the opportunity to show off in-store conveniences that can help them compete with e-commerce platforms.

The “Convenience Factor” Is Key For Consumers

A recent study showed that when it comes to brick-and-mortar shopping, consumers actually favor things like discounts/coupons and in-store pick-up. Leveraging OTT, retailers can highlight these convenience factors by dynamically serving appropriate ads to targeted audiences. They can even create custom creative to suit specific communities by including things like the address to the nearest store, a phone number for local representative, and more.

Capitalizing On The In-Store Opportunity

Most importantly, when OTT ad campaigns drive in-store visits, brick-and-mortar locations (unlike websites) have the added benefit of the in-store experience. Leveraging on site experiences offer that extra opportunity to deliver superior customer service, build loyalty and drive additional sales. These “IRL” interactions are a differentiator for retailers.

Building a cohesive brand experience starts with a cross-platform creative strategy, but it also requires a communication strategy from the top of the funnel down to point-of-purchase. With OTT emerging as an integral part of the modern marketing mix, advertisers need to understand how they can best leverage the digital targeting capabilities on the TV screen to drive foot traffic to retail locations and real ROI.


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