My Book: Be you, Be Beautiful

Assalaamu alaykum lovely people,

Many people ask me how this book came into existence, what vision I have for it, and how I even got writing in the first place! So I thought I’d share my journey here with you.

I didn’t always know how to write. In fact, I was a horrible writer as a child and all the way through primary school. That was despite the fact that I loved English and story-telling.

I wasn’t good at all the grammar side of writing, but I knew and believed in one thing. That writing was my way of expressing my inner, deep thoughts. Those I couldn’t share with the world. Those that I couldn’t speak. And so when I put pen to paper, I swirled my dreams, strung together my thoughts and wove the broken pieces of my heart. They may not have made sense to any one in the world, but they made sense to me.

As I hit my teens, I began to write a lot more. For my first blog which still exists ( and for other websites and magazines such as ‘Little Explorers’ and ‘Sajid Umar.’ Soon, I began to get better at writing, I took a course inc creative writing, learnt from all the mistakes I made over the years, and finally in my A-level years, with many free lessons at hand, I decided that I was confident enough to write a book.

That’s how Be you, Be Beautiful was born. My vision was to create something for Muslimah teenagers from a Muslimah teenager. From someone who has also gone through the throes of adolescence and knows trhe struggles. Someoen who has walked in the shoes of Muslimah teens and knows the challenges that come with treading the path of teenaghood. It’s a path of self-discovering, change, worry and identiy crisis.

Be you, Be Beautiful aims to inspire the youthful hearts and minds and discusses everything a teenage will want to know such as. peer pressure, identity crisis, hijab, gender relations and Muslimah heroines.

It aims to inspire young female adults on how to deal with challenges that come their way, and how to celebrate their worth, uniqueness and true beauty.

Based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, this unique book intends to lift your spirits, boost your imaan, and help you revitalise your relationship with your Creator and the whole of society, insha Allah.

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