Who am I?

The name is Madiyah.

I’m a UK born and bred 20 years old. Mum of a precious baby boy, wife to a inquisitive husband and an author of my first book for teen Muslimahs, titled, ‘Be you, Be Beautiful.’

The book, which I wrote at the age 0f 17 whilst pursuing my A levels and whilst experiencing the peak of teen life, is dedicated to the young Muslim woman who is struggling with the throes of adolescence. It highlights the challenges she has to face on a daily basis as she blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Aside from writing, I am (slowwwly but surely) studying a Bachelors in Islamic Psychology with Islamic Online University. When I’m not studying or blogging (both here and on www.facebook.com/talesofamuslimmama), I’m enjoying the outdoors or snuggled up with a hot cuppa and a book.

Travelling, mothering and generally just dreaming are just a few of the many things I enjoys doing.

The name ‘Al Musaafirah’ is inspired by the hadith of the wayfarer. The messenger (salallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer.” (Bukhari)

My message to every ​Muslim woman out there is simple: Dream it, Du’aa it, Do it.

With love,

Umm Yusuf

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