Ultimate Power Bank That Charges In Just 7 Minutes — NitroQ https://youtu.be/7EbrYKImErY NitroQ can be charged up to 10 times faster than your typical power bank for the ultimate power on the go! NitroQ pitch — Stay connected with this fast, portable & smart power bank. NitroQ is built to charge quickly, keeping up with your busy lifestyle. Lightweight & designed to last with custom designed electronics. NitroQ’s custom designed electronics and nanotechnology enhanced battery allow for high-speed charging. NitroQ can be charged 10x faster than other power banks, requiring only 7 mins to store a smartphone charge. 7 minutes. That’s how long it takes to store one full smartphone charge in your NitroQ power bank. It takes just 15 minutes to fully charge NitroQ. NitroQ’s enhanced battery charges 10x faster than other power banks. We are able to do this using a nano-particle enhanced battery chemistry — technology that is typically found in high-end applications such as defense, aerospace, and racing. The size of your smartphone, NitroQ is small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or briefcase. Our small and lightweight profile, makes this smart power bank easily portable while you’re on the go! Built using high-grade aluminum, NitroQ is durable and sleek. The aluminum enclosure provides a light yet robust case. Toss it in your bag without worry thanks to NitroQ’s durable and light frame. Indiegogo Page — http://ift.tt/2knuNJk

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