Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are expected to be HBO’s Hard Knocks team for the 2017 season. The team said on Tuesday they have a “major announcement” coming Wednesday afternoon that is expected to make it official, according to Pro Football Talk.

GM Jason Licht and head coach Dirk Koetter will be on hand for the announcement.

Licht discussed the show Monday when he was asked whether or not it would be a distraction if the team was indeed selected.

“In terms of being a distraction, I think we’re wired to where we would be able to minimize that,” he said. “Dirk [Koetter] has been through it. Mike Smith has been through it and I’ve heard positive things from them.”

Licht added that he was confident in the maturity of the team, and felt good about the players. “I know we have some great personalities on our team starting with Jameis [Winston], Gerald [McCoy], the list goes on and on, [linebacker] Kwon [Alexander].”

Jameis Winston said on Monday that Hard Knocks wouldn’t change what the Bucs do, but rather show how the team operates:

Video: Jameis Winston likes that Hard Knocks would “show the whole world” what Bucs are, but wouldn’t change his focus on football.
— Greg Auman (@gregauman) April 17, 2017

It appears the Buccaneers are on board with having Hard Knocks around. Licht was asked whether or not the show could be a positive thing for the team.

“Sure, it can,” Licht said. “We will see how it goes. We will see if that’s the case. I don’t know. May be a moot point, but we will see how it goes.”

There were eight teams that were eligible to be 2017’s showcase on Hard Knocks. The Bears, Bucs, Browns, Colts, Eagles, Ravens, Saints, and Titans were all options under the league’s parameters. Teams with a new head coach in place, a playoff berth in the past two seasons, or appearing on Hard Knocks in the past 10 seasons are ineligible.

Hard Knocks was first broadcast in 2001. Last season, Jeff Fisher and the Rams didn’t give us a very entertaining show outside of some 7–9 bulls**t.

The Buccaneers will be the second team from the NFC South to be featured on the show, after the Falcons were featured in 2014. They’ll be the 11th team to be featured on the show, in its 13th season.

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