The current Mad Project is about “scribbles”. This has a wide range of interpretations. What I decided to go by was choosing a medium with which I could rather scribble with than draw. I chose ball pen and ink. A combo of both looked good to go.

The images drawn were pretty random and simple, but collectively they added to a unique wholeness.

From cats to boats, the range of images have a simple interpretation of daily scribbles you do when you’re toying with your sketch book.

Here you are: scribbles

Lonely boat

Wandering cat

Lucky lips

Insightful eyes

Hopeless heart

Old lady

Bring me some wine

And the finale…!!!

Divya is a school teacher by day and an artsit by night. She is currently dabbling in the world of pottery and is looking forward to explore more art spaces.

You can view her work at