Why You Must Experience Madproject At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

What happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone? There are two possible outcomes. One, you end up in frustration. Two, you end up feeling good about yourself.

Well, my experience with Vattam Mad Project goes well with the latter outcome mentioned.

Why Mad Project fascinated me?

Off late, while office and personal life was racing one after another,I badly wanted to engage myself something apart from both. You know, a spark inside you, pushes you to do something apart from your normal routine. That is exactly when I came to know about Mad Project.

First of all, Mad Project is a 15 day project. Having said that, to do something apart from work, non-stop for 15 days is really a challenge. I asked myself, can I do it?

Wow! That’s when I decided I should definitely be part of this and I challenged myself.

You give life to Pet projects when you actually push yourself out of your comfort zone. Every day when I came back from work tired or when I was on a weekend feeling lazy, I pushed myself hard to allot a time for this.

Yes, in starting, it was little bit hard. But, having allotted an hour or two for 15 days, I really did have a sense of satisfaction every night that I did something productive that day.

The Accomplishments

Before I get you through my journey on Vattam Mad Project, I would like you to have a look at the outcome first.

It is based on the theme “Vattam Logos in Zentangle”

And here they are, Day 1 to Day 15 contribution based on the above theme

My Idea for Vattam Mad Project

What normally goes in one’s head,when you have to do something based on “Vattam” theme, that too for 15 non-stop days ?

My brain said, whatever obvious answers comes, first list all of them.

Hence, I did list the following

1. Sketching real life objects like (wheel, bottle cap,sun,eye ball,etc…)

2. Take photographs of them

3. Try to make them in Illustrator (as I am a new bee to Digital Art)

Then I took the pen and striked all the ideas I listed and tuned my mind to think of something more amazing and fascinating.

That’s when my cerebrum popped up the theme “Vattam Logos”.

Why Logos?

  1. Logos impresses me a lot as it uniquely defines a brand. It is something of an identity that reveals the whole bunch.
  2. Having said that, round logos are numerous in number. Hence it is easy to sketch every day a different logo :)

Why Logos + Zentangle ?

Recently, I was researching more about Zentangle ( You can also find my research blog on Zentangle here) and I thought why don’t I combine my idea of Zentangle along with Vattam Mad Project.

Tada!! The idea, outcome and the Mad Project itself gave hand in hand and made my journey so wonderful.

The Driving Force

  • Each and every like and comment in my Facebook wall and Instagram boosted me a lot. (I should be genuine here :P)
  • Making people guess my logo.( Wow! What a feel it is when someone talks to you on your efforts)
  • Suggestions for my next work from friends

Wow! It really is an amazing feel which I am unable to express here in words. A sense of accomplishment. A spark of inspiration. A feel that you have achieved something.

Thank you Mad Project Team for this wonderful opportunity.

And my hearty thanks to Aditya Dhotre, Vinod Kumar and Sesha Devarajan for true inspiration and encouragement.

Having done this for non-stop 15 days, it became a habit in me. On the 16th day, I felt like I have ample amount of time and I really have to do something productive today. Can’t wait to be part of the upcoming mad projects.

P.S : Feel free to guess the logos and add them in comments :)