Glossary — Gateway to the Inner Sanctum

In order of occurrence

Murukku — a savory snack made of lentil and rice flour using a cookie cutter, deep fried in oil.

Vadai — a savory snack made out of lentil batter, shaped like that of a doughnut.

’Na — a short form of Anna, meaning elder brother, in the language of Tamil. In this context, it is used to portray respect to a companion/friend.

Vaikunta Ekadashi — an important festival that is observed by Southern India during December 15 — January 15, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Lungi — is a traditional clothing worn around by men in South India, tied or fastened is different ways depending upon one’s style.

Om Namo Narayana — a chant/salutation in the Sanskrit language to the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu. It means ‘All glory to Lord Vishnu’.

Chungudi — a form of cotton saree, popular in South India, which is block printed with floral or geometrical designs.

Maami — a traditional Tamil Brahmin wife.

Vaishnavite — followers of Lord Vishnu and his teachings.

Bajji(s) — a savory snack popular in India. Vegetable fritters made with chickpea flour.

Mambalam — a residential neighborhood in City of Madras(Chennai), India.

Panchakacham — a traditional cotton dhoti worn by conservative Brahmins of India.

Changu, Chakaram and Sricharanam — an emblem of Vaishnavism which consists of a conch, disc-shaped weapon and a tilak (mark on forehead). The three together constitute the emblem of a Vaishnavite.

Prasadham — an offering to God in the Hindu religion and is eventually consumed by the worshippers.

Springfield XD — a small compact handgun which uses 9mm caliber / 0.40 caliber / 0.45 caliber.

Veshti — a form of traditional cotton clothing, adorned by men in India, usually white in color, with an embroidered/printed border.

Poonal — a sacred thread worn by Brahmin men in India, across their torso, which slings from left shoulder, like that of a shotgun sling.

100 — Emergency Police Helpline in India.

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