Maecenas Crowdsale pre-sale starts today

Today is the day. The Maecenas ART token crowdsale starts today. Thank you for your amazing support carrying us to this wonderful moment. We are now counting on you to make the crowdsale a huge success and power us to the next level. Together, let’s unlock the value of the $65 billion fine art investment industry.

Please find below the timeline for the next few days:

  • September 5th — Pre-sale phase 1/Day 1: limited pre-sale. The goal is to gain distribution of tokens to build an engaged community of supporters and early adopters. Available only to Priority Pass members. The limits will adjust to the funding capitalisation goals set by the project.
  • September 6th — Pre-sale phase 2/Day 2: unlimited pre-sale. The goal is to allow especially engaged supporters to send more funds. Available only to Priority Pass members.
  • September 7th — Public crowdsale: open to the public, no contribution limitations.
Reminder that for every (1) ETH sent, you will receive 480 ART Tokens.

Note: Please do not send ETH from exchanges.

STAGE 1 — Priority Pass holders

From the 5th to the 6th of September

Who is this for?

This is ONLY for people who have a current CFI Priority Pass.

How do I check whether I’m on this whitelist?

You can check your eligibility by logging in to

When does it start?

It begins on block #4,241,484 (or approximately) on September 5th at 17:00hrs CEST

Do I need to rush?

Tokens will be allocated on a first come first served basis so it’s probably a good idea to try to get in first.

However, we acknowledge the importance of letting as many community members as possible purchase tokens and therefore day 1 of the pre-sale will have low individual caps to maximise the chances for everyone.

Pre-sale day 2 will have no contribution limits.

STAGE 2 — Public crowdsale

From 7th of September — 5th of October (or until ART tokens are sold out)

Any tokens not sold during the pre-sale will be made available to the public on September 7th at 17:00 CEST. No discounts or bonuses are applied to the pre-sale so public contributions are exactly the same rate as pre-sale contributions.

Who is this for?

Everyone and anyone can participate in this.

When does it start?

It begins on September 7th at 17:00 CEST only if there are any ART tokens leftover from the pre-sale.

Do I need to rush?

Probably, it’s first come first served when it starts. No contribution limits.

How do I participate when my stage beings?

  • Head over to when your eligible stage begins.
  • Read through and Agree to the terms and conditions. Click ‘Continue’.
  • ETH contribution address will be only shared in Cofoundit’s website. Send ETH to this address.
  • Recommended gas limit: 400,000

If you have any questions, please reach out to

If you still have any questions, please follow the below links:

How to participate in the crowdsale >

How to avoid Scams (Article by Cofoundit) >

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