Maecenas crowdsale analysis

The statistics behind a successful token crowdsale

The Maecenas crowdsale is officially completed and we have successfully raised 50,744 ETH. Thank you all for your participation and for believing in the project, we couldn’t have achieved this without you.

One of the reasons we wanted to have a crowdsale is because we saw it as a great way to build a community of backers, many of whom we hope will become users of the platform. From day one, we were overwhelmed by the strong community support and positive feedback.

The crowdsale was divided into three distinct phases:
Phase 1: Pre-sale for priority pass holders, with individual caps.
Phase 2: Pre-sale for priority pass holders, with no caps.
Phase 3: Public sale, with no caps.

Here’s a breakdown of each phase…

Phase 1

Total Distinct ART Owners: 464
Total Ether Contributed: 11,769.96 ETH (soft cap reached)

Phase 1 — Total ART Owners and Ether Contributed (grouped by transaction amount)

Phase 2

Total Distinct ART Owners: 136
Total Ether Contributed: 22,329.43 ETH (milestone reached)

Phase 2 — Total ART Owners and Ether Contributed (grouped by transaction amount)

Phase 3

Total Distinct ART Owners: 1164
Total Ether Contributed: 16,797.83 ETH

Phase 3 — Total ART Owners and Ether Contributed (grouped by transaction amount)


We quickly passed our minimum threshold for a successful crowdsale on day one. Then, soon after the start of the public crowdsale we also reached our operational milestone. At that point, we couldn’t have been more delighted. Maecenas had been funded to execute its ambitious business plan.

Finally, over the next few weeks, more contributors kept joining the sale. Remarkably, this also provided us with more than an extra 50 percent of funds. And that unlocks a special opportunity in our business where we actually have working capital to stimulate owners to bring their artworks for auction on the Maecenas platform.

The team is currently working hard and focusing on the company roadmap delineated in our white paper.

The ART token has been listed on HitBTC and EtherDelta, and will be unlocked for trading on block 4366494.

Special thanks to Maecenas ambassador firesofmay for collating all the data and putting together the report.

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