Maecenas — ICO Review by CrushCrypto

Unprompted and out of the blue, Crush Crypto has done a full critique of Maecenas’s token crowdsale. Happily, they concluded our decentralised art gallery is good long-term value. (We presume you will think the same too!)

Crush Crypto is an research and analysis outlet with the stated goal of unearthing gems in the crypto world. Take a look at what they put together on Maecenas. They scoured through our White Paper, extracted information and data from our blog posts, graphics and media interviews and put it all together in a pretty comprehensive review ahead of the crowdsale starting September 5th.

We know we have put out a lot of content about our company and the token crowdsale. But hats off to Crash Crypto for sifting through and explaining Maecenas clearly and simply (in under 8 minutes).

It’s an independent video, so we don’t endorse or agree with everything that is in there. But if viewers have questions, then please head over to our Slack channel. We are eager to help everyone understand how we democratise access to the $65-billion world of fine art investment.