Maecenas Whitepaper — Now available in 5 languages

Here at Maecenas, we are doing our own little bit for decentralization — by spreading the word of our September 5th token crowdsale in five languages. The white paper, the cornerstone of our plans for democratising access to fine art investment, is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

So, for all those art lovers and blockchain fans who prefer to read in in these languages — and we know there are many of you — please pore over the document. Language is no barrier to art, nor should it get in the way of understanding the Maecenas marketplace.

In the white paper, we outline our vision for how we will bring transparency and liquidity to the $65 billion art investment industry. We introduce our expert team and we explain how we make owning a piece of a Picasso affordable, how the platform operates, how our business roadmap unfolds and how the token functions. And many, more details besides, such as why we are called Maecenas (hint — he’s an historic patron of the arts).