The Cross-fit Master’s

More students today are choosing options that allow them to earn MBAs and other advanced degrees faster and to build expertise jointly in business, STEM, law or other fields. What’s behind this trend?

Through accelerated options and cross-college partnerships, Marquette Business is offering unique and innovative paths for their students to earn advanced degrees.
Tyler Vicknair didn’t delay her graduation plans by switching majors. Instead, she’s jumping ahead and graduating with an advanced degree.

“What most of these students find out is that they are in a business. They may be very good at their technical skills they are using in their current position, but they need the business skills to really advance into strategic positions.”

Dr. Jeanne Simmons, associate dean of the Graduate School of Management, is working to modernize Marquette’s advanced degree programs in order to meet the needs of the modern business professional.
Craig Roush, Grad ’12, Law ’14, puts his join MBA-J.D. to use every day, working at Foley & Lardner law firm in Milwaukee.
For more information on Marquette’s accelerated degree programs, click the graphic above.
Adapted from the 2017 issue of Marquette BIZ, the annual magazine of the Marquette University College of Business Administration. Read the cover story on ultra-real world learning experiences or the entire issue to learn how the college is being the difference for students and its partners in business and the broader community.



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