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Why You May Be Alienated by Cybersecurity Topics

You may be feeling a sense of alienation when it comes to cybersecurity topics. Maybe you feel like the information is too complicated, or that you can’t relate. Whatever the reason, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Many people find themselves in the same position. But there are ways to fix it.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to make cybersecurity more relatable and less intimidating.

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When it comes to cybersecurity, you may feel like you’re on the outside looking in. The topics can seem complicated and unrelatable. But there are ways to make it more relatable and less intimidating. Today, we all have a digital identity — whether we realize it or not. And cybersecurity is about protecting that identity.

We use the internet for everything from shopping to entertainment to work and school. And as we do, we leave behind a digital trail of information. This is our digital footprint, and it can contain sensitive information like our addresses, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

Just like our physical footprints, our digital footprints can be used to track our movements and activities. And just like our physical footprints, we can leave them anywhere — on social media, in an email, or even on a website.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting our computers and devices from viruses and malware. It’s about protecting our information and our identities from being stolen or misused.

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When you think about cybersecurity, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s an image of a hacker in a dark basement, hunched over a computer with green code running down the screen. Or maybe it’s a news story about some major corporation that’s been hacked.

It’s easy to think of cybersecurity as something that only affects businesses or governments. But the truth is, cybersecurity is something we all need to be concerned about.

Because cybersecurity is about protecting our information — and our information is something we all have.

This is why cybersecurity is so important. It’s about protecting our digital identity and keeping our information safe.

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So how can we make it more relatable?

One way to make cybersecurity more relatable is by understanding the basics. Once you know the basics of cybersecurity, you’ll be able to relate to the topics more easily. Cybersecurity is all about protecting your computer systems from attacks, and data from data theft or disclosure. There are many different types of attacks, but they all have one thing in common: they try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in people — you, process — your cyber awareness behavior, and system — your computer or mobile phone. By understanding the basics of cybersecurity, you can better protect yourself from these attacks. Phishing is a type of attack where someone tries to get your personal information by pretending to be a legitimate person or company. For example, they might send you an email that looks like it’s from your bank asking for your password. If you know what phishing is and how to protect yourself, you can avoid becoming a victim. Ransomware is another type of attack where someone tries to take control of your computer by making all of your files unreadable. They then ask for a ransom in order to give you the key to unlock your files again. However, if you know what ransomware is and how to protect yourself, you can avoid becoming a victim.

Another way to make cybersecurity more relatable is by thinking about how it affects you personally. When you read about a data breach in the news, think about how that could affect you. Would you be worried about your personal information being stolen? Would you be concerned about identity theft? Or would you just be annoyed at having to change your password again? By understanding how cybersecurity affects you personally, you’ll be more motivated to stay informed and take steps to protect yourself.

Furthermore, it would be very beneficial to make cybersecurity more relatable is by finding someone who understands it. This could be a friend, family member, or even an expert. Once you find someone who understands cybersecurity, you can ask them questions and get clarification on anything that you don’t understand. This will help you to better understand the topic and feel more comfortable with it.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re feeling lost when it comes to cybersecurity, there are plenty of people who can help you out. There are many resources available online and in libraries that can help you learn more about cybersecurity. You can also contact a professional if you need help securing your computer systems.

Don’t let cybersecurity topics intimidate you — there are ways to make it more relatable and less intimidating. By understanding the basics, finding someone who understands it, and asking for help when you need it, you can become more cybersecurity-savvy in no time!

Stay tuned for more tips on cybersecurity in future blog posts.

By Magda Chelly

Chief Security Officer | TEDx Speaker | Author & Keynote Speaker | IFSEC Global Top 20 Cybersecurity Influencer | Entrepreneur | PhD, S-CISO, CISSP, Cert SCI (General Insurance)

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