It’s a beautiful day in Austin, and a beautiful day for our school.

Ribbon Cutting for Magellan’s first Middle School Building

Last week, Friday, we cut the ribbon on our new Middle School Building. It is an innovative use of modular prefabricated construction, combined with a new deck to give our MYP (Middle Years Program) students their own space and identity.

I had the honor of helping our Head of School, Marisa Leon with the ribbon cutting!

It couldn’t have come soon enough, as we’re going to have our biggest matriculating class coming into 6th grade yet! Almost double last year’s class size.

Magellan’s commitment to the education of our children has extended to Middle School for nearly 4 full years now (our second graduating class of 8th graders is near graduation this year!) and our last children from our pioneering first year are entering 6th grade next year.

We’ve come a long way with Magellan, and I love that our use of space continues to be as innovative as our instruction and approach to learning. At Magellan you won’t find vast fields of land and picket fences, but you will find the best teaching staff and the most determined student body. Our kids are out to make a difference in the world, and in Austin.

Our Middle School faculty are inspiring educators. And at Magellan they will have the innovative space from which to set these young minds loose. If I know our community at Magellan, this is just the beginning of great things to come. Thanks to our parents for the donations that supported this project, and thank you to our tireless staff for shepherding this through all the permits that Austin could throw at it!

If you took a great picture from the ribbon-cutting, send it to me! I’ll share it here:

Our Head of Middle School, John Wells, holds forth on a great turnout for the ribbon cutting!

If you’re interested in Magellan, please check out the website and apply! Our next information session is April 14th!

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