Forrester Report: Join the Progressive Web App Movement — Magento

Discover the emergent technology enabling next-generation mobile experiences

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile, creating experiential demands which existing technologies aren’t satisfying. Progressive Web App (PWA) technology offers a solution, combining the discoverability and reach of the web with app-like experiences and engagement.

This new Forrester report highlights:

  • Why mobile web is your most important digital touchpoint
  • Taking your place within the PWA Movement
  • PWA as part of a broader engagement strategy

We believe this report underscores how merchants must focus on evolving technologies which generate long-term business value while introducing functionality which will sustain competitive advantages.

- Peter Sheldon, Senior Director, Commerce Strategy & Growth

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We’ve put together this educational primer to provide an overview of Progressive Web App technology and how it’s being positioned to transform the way consumers — and merchants — conduct business through mobile.

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Join our upcoming webinar with Adobe’s Peter Sheldon and Google’s Chris Sater as they discuss “Redefining the Modern Mobile Experience”

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